You cant silence the truth! FIX Nexus Mode pls

Nexus mode is way too complicated as it is now! Without tutorial for it, and AI matches as prequisite of playing it, we will always have >STOMP/GET STOMPED games Thats the reality of it, most players havent got a clue of how to defend from or attack with a siege, they feed 0/10-20 , they go AFK, GG out of ~20 Nexus games 10 of the games i played ,it was either: >AFK players ------->Every other match >Players which have no knowledge of siege >Those who play with champs not viable for the mode >Those who feed >Some dont understand its Timer based >MANY dont even use siege equipment etc etc Tutorial must be obligatory , or at least AI match ,or we will have a VERY angry and bitter community... if it can get more toxic than this, which i doubt.
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