I know a dude who Intentionally feeds games when he is tilted,not banned...

Naming and shaming isnt allowed and i cant be bothered to share his summoner because he does it on like 3 accounts. But he simply gets into a ranked game,plays Jungle/Adc,anytime he dies,does a mistake,he doesnt say anything in chat,he just starts intentionally feeding games,towerdiving suicides,2v1 sucide,and all those kinds of things. I seen atleast him do it in 20+ games,ending with like 2/18/6,5/20/9,and kda's like that,15+ deaths when he does it,he has been doing it a long time and according to him he hasnt been banned because he doesnt directly run it down a lane,quote: > When im fking tilted i dont run it down mid,i act like a %%%%%% by doing dumb sht and just dying and never grouping lmfao > and they havent banned me because i dont write shit in chat haha i literally love reading the dudes rage at me,if i think a game is lost,its lost and i just have fun in it anyways Translated it from German ^ Just saying,people troll,and riot does almost nothing against it,you can try your hardest but you will always have the game ruined by someone,thats just how league is at the moment,you are helpless. I even reported someone with video proof of intentionally feeding to riot support,got the generic "report after game" reply,2 weeks later,that player is still playing games to this day,but thats normal. Fix your banning system.
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