You who played riven today...

So this (wont name) guy who played riven against me on top , called his own team mates idiots and retards on first 30seconds when the game started after that i faught with him on top and i said just ''you come underturret like a hero , then run'' i think this riven went ''nuts'' after that , he lost totally hes mind and let his inner keyboard warrior flame he started to call me an ''bronze kid'' , do you know what... you are bronze by yourself too...because you were on same game as me he started to call hes team akali retarded and idiot etc... because that akali was carrying his game? come on that akali did a favor for you after that you flamed at me i told you that i know one riven who wants to get an ban for flaming then you said ''i report you aatrox for flame'' well thats okay to me , go on i didnt flame so nothing will happen i dont know will this anonymous keyboard hero riven see this but you should change your attitude , you were pretty rude against everyone... and i told you , see you on player behaviour board ;) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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