Inappropriate names not being punished

I've been playing League for a month now, and have gotten to play with pretty much the same people over and over again (I'm not level 30 yet). In this time, I've encountered the same player with the same inappropriate name, despite my constant reports for it every time I play with him, Riot seems to only give him the chance to change it... and he's done it... by just adding a letter to it and seemingly getting out of the problem without a penalty for it. I'm not sure if it's okay to publicly denounce his name on here so I'll just write down the offensive part (leaving aside the small modifications he's done): "HAIL HITLER". Not only do I find this highly offensive but also not funny at all, given that he starts off /all chat with "DIE TO POLAND" and insulting whoever dares to call him out on his name. I don't know how he hasn't been punished yet, but the fact that he's only had to change his name once to the same one by doubling a letter and gets away with it seems like Riot doesn't truly pay that much attention to the new names.
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