Losing is great!

losing and winning is all part of the game, there are LOTS of people who can't stand losing a game. they start flaming their teammates because they "play bad" though i'm sure everyone has bad games. of course there are situations where players display toxic behaviour. But let's focus on games without these toxic players, which are still alot of games ( if everything goes well you don't see people complain) my point: losing is a part of the game whether you like it or not. Games where you lost can still be a good game, people CAN actually be better then yourself. You aren't the best player in the world. your teammates aren't the best players in the world they could even not play it every day of the week. Just enjoy the games you play, even your enemies can be nice people!!(while slicing your skull in half) And hopefully trade some of this salty World for some sweet sugar!!{{champion:29}}
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