your banning system is DOGSH!T

i have 120 games in pre-season in 1 month, 2 weeks of which i was banned and I have 40 games on my smurf. I play more than your average player and in those 120+ games i got 2 bans which led to a perma ban. I got reported for 2 games out of 120 that would make my report rate at lower than 2%? so why is it that i have been perma banned for my 2% yet my 98% has not been accounted for? I got honoured almost 60-80% of my games for being tilt proof and helping out players with there map management. your banning system is the most toxic piece of shit of a system that exists in this f**ucking universe. You are a company who looks at the negativity of players but not for what they have bring to the game over all. A few hissy fits and arguments were thrown at random people on the internet. telling someone that they are bad shouldn't result in a perma ban. seems like i have played WELL OVER 120 games. I hope that your whole company fails and none of your new games succeed. who ever suggested and agreed to this awful banning system should go to hell.
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