no money until riot fixes the AFK problem

Why are there so many rage quitters, disconnecters, leavers...? Riot does almost nothing about it. 20 min wait is a joke, all you have to do is watch a few videos, drink some coffee. That's not a punition, that's not reparations. It's a fckn encouragement to ragequit. As a competitive game, LOL it has 2 duties : be fun and fair. When a guy goes afk, it's neither. You get stomped and you can do almost nothing about it. And Riot doesn't care. They could find millions of ideas to make this issue less annoying. But, no. Just ban people who arent puritans. They arent fulfilling their duties, they let cancerous kids ruin everybody else's experience. So why the hell encouraging them to keep going this way? I say, stop buying RPs until riot does something to adress AFK, at least in ranked.
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