Permanently Suspension Idea

Well, hello Riot Games (I hope you read my post) I have some thoughs about giving permanently banned players a 2nd chance after a lot of time. You may say that you did it a long time ago and it hadnt that much of a success. The thing is that it never was so savage... A lot of players have changed behaviour after getting banned like me. I had skins (such as victorious, etc) which had sentimental value for me. I'm sure that people below will start saying things like "You deserved to get banned" , "Rito gave u a 2nd chance after the 15 days ban" etc etc. I have one thing to say to u guys, I KNOW that i deserved to get banned so please dont mention it all the time... After a long time people tend to change personalities...You also may say that, we are free to open a new account but its not the same, trust me. The feeling of your "old" account being banned because u prob had rough times its insane. I will say it again, we were assholes and deserved to get banned, I agree 10000% but, cmon permanent? Just give us a 2nd chance, not now, consider doing it after a long time, lets say 3 yeas, you have never before done something that me it will be good, everyone's deserves a 2nd chance and no the 15 days ban isnt considered that serious by a lot of players so they keep doing shitty things, but when the perma ban comes they feel ruined...I know that people will hate me, i dont really care, im used to it, so write mean comments below, im ready... **Peace** *Riot employees please read it and consider of it

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