Is S2020 the toxic season?

I remeber (actually i don´t remeber weather in 2018 or 2019 xD) when I played my placements early in 2018, I got 9 awesome games. Not all of them were won, but my team always behaved really kind and I experienced barely any flame or ping-spam. The season 2020 my experience was not good at all. I don´t know if there was a SINGLE good game, where both teams played good and behaved kind. If it´s not your own team, which is flaming, pinging or doing other stuff to annoy you, it´s the enemis who say "PLs report [champion]" in all-chat. But this level of toxicity already started in season 2019 after my experience and finally I´m starting to dislike a game I´m playing since 2014. So I want to discuss: **Did you experienced the rising levels of toxicity too? ** and if so: Why did LoL become more toxic, and what are changes that could lead to a better comunity? Appart from a changing player base, i assume the meta has an influence on the players mentality. I think the damage-heavy meta with a lot of assasins causes the toxicity for some reasons: * Games become shorter and smaller mistakes decide a game stronger than before * Kills are often made in less than 3 seconds of fighting time (especially as squishy person) * Real "Fights" barely exist - mostly it´s oneshots. So you are leaking the experience of turning a 1v1 fight by doing well after some first mistakes. A fight is determent by the first second very often. I think those points lead to lot of frustration, because the killed players feel they couldn´t make a diffrence with good fighting skills. Fights are atm literal coindflip. Maybe I´m just a crying baby, cause I main adc, but skills like kiting are not really relevant... if I´m in range of making a basic attack I am dead the next second if im in the losing team. Often I don´t feel the possibility of making a diffrence in a game. So at least adcs have a rough time. But this makes the junglers and midlaners having a hard time too... If your whole team get´s useless when an enemy assasin is fed, you are pressured to prevent that. And this is why junglers are under high pressure in early game and often blamed no matter what they are doing. Even tanks are about to be coinflipping instead of being a consistent factor: Either you are tanky enought to survive the assasins, then you are almost unkillable, cause they have burst - not dps, or you are dead. Maybe reducing damage-levels overall and increasing the base stats of some tanks would help to stabilize the overall gameplay. Overall I´m pretty unhappy with current meta and community, LoL is not fun to play atm. And I´m interested in your viewpoint on this topic and your ideas :)
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