Asking for a chatrestrict.

I know what you are thinking right now "eh just another toxic dude who cant controll his emotios",well you are right.i have 10 banned accounts and i cant reach my peak cuz i always get banned.I know i will get banned eventually i know i have a problem but f you if you are blaiming me for actually trying to climb in this game and raging when somone ruins it.I want to climb and thats my reason i am toxic if you dont like not my issue,But whats my issue is that riot games is asking for us to not be toxic and not flame well i am trying to help them by asking them to chat restrict me.I function better when i am chat restricted and when i can not type so why not add that as option ? I would like one logical reason. I want to see my teammates messages and i want to give some important info so chat restric would be perfect.why not chat restrict people who are asking for it? Honestly it would prevent a lot of toxicity seems like you care so much about it since you banned me 10 times now i am nicely asking you to perma chat restrict me so thos doesent happen in future. Thank you for your time <3
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