The "GG EZ" thing....

I think everybody know the feel, when you and your teammates got destroyed in a match which wasn't even 20 minutes long. Then the whole enemy team says **"GG WP"** expect one guy, who's usually a **2/6/1** _**Yasuo,**_ because _"he"_ says** "GG EZ"**. I was wondering about, **Can we even report these?** I reported every single one who said it, even my teammates, but i never got any feedback about _"them"_. I mean it's disrespectful, but_ "he"_ didn't flame and _"he"_ wasn't toxic. As i know right some _"other"_ games has a system for filtering out_ (or trying to filter out)_ these words and it punishes the player who said it. _> (I know, my grammar isn't the best.)_
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