Banned for being trolled

This is how messed up this game is with the report system as this is the first time i didn't care the out come of the game as i was heavily trolled in champ select and I get a ban for 14days for it!???? like what??? What happened is i pre-selected Morg mid, so this premade jungler who had first pick and the bottom who was 4th where as i was 3rd. jungler decided to pick me Morg and then asked me to pick Trist for his premade bottom. so comes around to his premade bottom to pick, he picks sej. then this is where it gets messed up. I swap Trist for Sej then the jungler asks the support to give him Blitz as he'll play blitz jungle and support has Morg so i'm left with Sej mid. So now i've massively been trolled and crippled vs a Cassio mid. So i'm dying left right n center and i'm feeling like screw this what's the point even trying i cant possibly get banned after being trolled so hard and this would be my first offense on the case as i play very serious in ranked and never int fed or trolled. Ohhh no i get a 14day ban for some other people trolling me... Thank riot.. because that is totally fair? oh and the best thing is at the end of the game the Trist said he was pissed off at me and trolled me because apparently i banned his EZ! I banned Xerath! It was his damn support that banned his EZ! I have received chat bans in the past for toxic behavior in chat which is understandable with my behavior with that but being banned for something i never tend to do and after i got heavily trolled.. makes me feel this ban was uncalled for...

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