Bored of RIOT systems that only cares about flaming

They way the banning systems works is a total joke. I loved the old days when there still was the Tribunal and the players were able to decide who and if someone should be banned or not banned. We all know that the ONLY thing RIOT targets are the people who flame and are negative/ toxic throughout the game by flaming in chat. But what about the rest of the players who intentionally and constantly feed because their previous games where bad and just dont to play normal and destroy everyones games. And NO RIOT this is not a thing that happens from time to time and also is not just a player who has a "bad game", because most of the times when we check the match history of those players we can easily notice that in many of their last games they have a huge negativity in their KDA. For example, i had an akali mid who was initiating and had a score of 2/8/2 around 16 mins. They guy literally had 28 cs and was spamming surrender. I repeat that this happens often and is not just an example and when i say often i dont mean that there is this specific guy with the 28 cs but there is another negative and toxic- feeding guy who just dont want to play the game anymore and is wasting the time of 4 people as well as their LP. There is a HUGE problem in the banning system as it focuses on the easy things like flame. There is no way that the algorithm can not "see" that a player is constantly trolling and playing bad intentionally after a point. And it can see this based on the KDA of that person, the cs of the person as well as the moves he make around the map and his decisions. RIOT for sure knows that many people are negative and toxic to the game with their actions (not their sayings, people who just play bad intentionally and not flame or speak in chat at all because then they would be focused by the algorithm banning system) but does not punish them at all.
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