Broken Report System

This evening I was playing my regular matches for the day, when I got flamed by two premades in my team. First of all I was playing support in bot with an autofilled ADC which should not make any difference from any other player, but because of some mistakes I got tilted (Mistakes I did). I did not want to tilt anyone else so I took my time and tried to untilt myself. It was working, untill one of the premade decided to go bot and gank the enemy duo, which we failed because I could not land Thresh's Q. Because of this he started what other would call flame, but what I would say are pointing out my mistakes. Fair enough, maybe that could help me I was thinking, but then his friend asked for a "Report our Support". I simply told him that I would mute him and his friend if the did not stop, but also I did not want to get reported for no reason. I asked them politely to stop, but to no use. I wanted him to understand that he was as much of reason for my tilit, as I was for his. I replied like everyone should when they want to respond a "flamer", with respect and like the first time, they did not care. Therefore I muted them for a while (type: 5min). It was great, I got untilted, but as soon as I turned it off I could read the that chat was full of "wrong accusations" against me. I replied careful because I knew the Report System are sensetive on certain words and phrases to no use. After the match nothing happend, not a warning from Riot or anything at all. Then three hours later, I get the ban. Chat banned for 10 matches (not a big deal), but I was immediatly concerned of my Honor Progress, which I had all right to be, I lost my progress. I took a while to build it only for it to be taken away because of someone elses "fake reports" if I say it Donald Trump style. I know Riot can't give back or revert the bans, but I hope they will look into the system because of this. The current state of League of Legends report system makes me wanna stop play this game. (Someone people might say I overreact, but I think my reaction is fairly reasonable). I simply takes to long to build a certain Honor level for it only get taken away in minutes because of other peoples wrong doing. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment on your thoughts of this situation. (Hope for good and well thought answers). Cheers!
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