"PuShIng iS bEtTeR tHeN KiLls" mf - 2020

so i was playing a ranked game, my mid ekko was an ekko main but he couldnt farm, he was sleeping in his lan, didnt move and couldnt still farm, thats just sad, my jg shyvana just pick shyvana for no reason, didnt take drakes when i told her that her passive makes it easier to take drakes, she just thought i was flaming her bc i told her she was sleeping and afk, my bot lane wasnt feeding but they didnt do anything, didnt want to take fights, didnt want to teamfight, just afk in their lane and farming and then this miss fortune told me "PuShIng iS bEtTeR tHeN KiLls" mf - 2020, and thats when i knew silver elo is actually a bunch of stupid people very sad. i tried to help them as much as i could but they didnt want to help me when i got to their lane, how am i supposed to win a game liks this?
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