Why is it okay for players to report you for playing the game?

I've been playing LoL for over a year and majority of games have been against Bots, due to the community. (not all of you but a lot). Every game I play I get constantly flamed and complained about and reported. All i'm doing is playing a game i put money into and "Trying" to have fun, and play champions i enjoy playing (and yes i know what can be played top / mid / bot / sup / jgl and know what are stupid choices). Just because im not getting EVERY last hit. or putting a ward down the second it pops off CD. I really don't understand it, i've recently started playing PvP games, i've read guides watch vids and streams to learn how to play better (and understand it takes alot of time to get good at this game) but the Best way to learn to become better is by playing the game. But the community is so toxic, i cant play what i wanna play (such as Pantheon tank top or Morgana sup even though they're good choices as far as im aware from "champions.pickban" website). I don't feel like getting banned for playing a game just because everyone is super serious and takes the game seriously like its oxygen they need it to live and stay alive. I just wanna be able to play and enjoy the game and have fun whilst in PvP matches, and every game even when im not doing so bad (rare) most of the time i give up trying because the constant flame and stopping to ask what im actually doing wrong and what they want me to do, but 9/10 they just continue the flame and toxicity and don't tell me what i should be doing. Just wanted to get this out there as im fully confused about the whole PvP scene, i don't wanna be stuck playing intermediate bots its zero challenge for me, but the community in PvP is stupidly toxic and i can't do 1 thing without someone complaining. (i've seen good players get flamed for no reason too). I just don't want to get banned when i spent money and time into this Game (and Account) and maybe lose it because of 110% serious gamers in bronze 2 want to blame someone.
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