Reporting a player for doing badly

so today i started a game off where i chose galio mid to try tank a bit in team fights by the end of the game i was 3/10/8 in a 24 minute game, i was already frustrated enough from for no reason having 12k ms when i started the game despite normally have 44 ms so i ended up dying because commands were taking 20 seconds to register, afterwords it stabilized but damage had already been done veigar was starting to snowball, singed top lane against ornn went 0/10/3, the other 3 players in the team asked the enemy to report us for doing dying, even though we obviously weren't doing it intentionally. I feel that Riot don't do enough to say to people don't report people for having bad games, as most likely kids are reporting anyone that does poorly. You've already had a bad experience if you are being destroyed so easily you really don't want to also have to deal with people saying that you should be banned for your opponent being better in the matchup. Riot you as a the game developers need to address this issue as it is one of the biggest causes of toxic behavior in your game attacking players because they are doing badly, muting toxic players whenever you get them doesn't feel like the right answer when it feels you've done little to speak out against the behavior.
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