this crappy punishment system

Why are people allowed to run it down in my game 3 games in a row yet theyre still playing while the second i call someone out out of frustration. Boom 14 day ban. Why am i being taken away my ability to play? i'm not running it down. I'm ending every game with most dmg most kills and most assists yet i'm being taken away my ability to play. you shouldnt be banned for saying things to begin with. Say something --> chat ban run it down -> banned from playing. The only reason to explain your current system is the fact that riot wants people to lose their skins and other crap they wasted their money on. no other game has a tribunal system as ridiculous as league. do you really think banning people will make them less toxic? delusional lol it even works the other way around. Sad truth is that americans don't know how this kind of logic works because their country is based upon dumb systems. their logic is based around punishing people instead of solving the impeding problem. you can even see that reflected in their police, and prisons. Thats the reason league will always stay toxic. Inting gives you a free pass. Shit talking someone gets you banned. Want less toxicity? chat ban people. Want less people running it down? actually punish people when they run it down maybe?? My point is that that the current system is based on this fake ''justice''. People get punished hard for things but the end result is a more toxic game. The european point of view would be to try to minimize toxicity. In my honest opinion toxic people need to be stimulated and guided towards being less toxic. Chat bans are still OK in my opinion. If you permabann someone theyl just make a new account but now loaded with even more frustration. And if you don't trust me on that, try making a new account and look at the players there. levels 5-20 are the most toxic place of all places. Simply chat banning people instead of permabanning would not only make people less tilted. it would also keep these toxic players away from potential new players. But just remember. It's not the people that are toxic. it's the game that makes people toxic and brings out the worst in them. I've personally been both honor level 5 for 3 seasons, and extremely toxic to the point i got banned. There are very few reasons to respect other players as human beings and the more you play the more frustrated you get and the more toxic you become

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