Everyone calm the f down

First i want to state i'm not on anyone's side here. I'm not defending anyone. I'm usually the person who posts positivity stuff cuz i really wanna try make a difference in this community, even if for a bit. But today i got very dissapointed. I enter the boards, and i see countless negative posts reffering to riot messing up with harrowing and emissary thrash talking and many others. Ok riot did mess up, you got it, i got it, we all got it. Whining about it on 10 different posts won't change anything about it. You will only spread salt around. Since they didn't fullfill our expectations with harrowing, maybe they will work their asses off for xmas holidays? It remains to be seen. About the emissary thing, why the hell would you pick on people who try to brighten up this community and get nothing for it btw, except some kind of a nice feeling on the inside by making someone smile or enjoy their post. I for one have no bloody reason to defend any of these sides, since im not involved with any of them, i am just stating this as an average lol player. I hate seing someone who doesn't deserve to be picked on, being picked on. Especially someone who tries their best to make YOUR day nicer. Just because you are tucked behind your pc and are annonymous doesn't give you the right to bully people. It's the same as in the game, so many of us are just anonymous and safe and can do whatever the f we want, we can be the biggest jerks on this planet, noone will do anything to us for it. We feel invincible, no? That is the core problem of the flame in this game. Just cuz there are no consequences, you don't have the bloody right to flame ppl for a bad game bad call or whatever. So just everyone calm the hell down. We are a bloody community and should act as one. But no, we just jump eachothers throats blame eachother, are jelaus of eachother, gang up on people and strangers online for no bloody reason, and you know what, we make them feel like shit. Yes, we make them feel like shit. If you remember my post, my 1st if i recall, about that guy streamer. One sentence of positivity lightened him up like a xmas tree. So what does flame do to a person? Can you imagine their face on the other side of the pc? **I was once flamed so hard by my entire team i was that frustrated i CRIED after it. It was one of my first real ranked games.** So i was not used to flame at that time. So keep in MIND FLAME HELPS NOONE, It will only bring someone down, depress them and make them feel bad. Is that what you wanted? Over a game? Over someone becoming emisary and you not? Over a loss? Over an lp loss? Is it WORTH? Ask yourself is it worth please. And answer honestly. I want you to think about it. If I managed to make you think about it even for a little, then this rant made its point.
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