Please Help me understand my Ban

Sry for the Text wall and thanks for reading it if you do So I´m smurfing on this account so that I can play with friends that are lower ranked then I´m. My Main was dia 2 last season and I do feel I have quite a good understanding of macro play. Now I had a way harder time climbing than I thought I´d have mainly because most people up till mid plat have no clue how to actually end a game so I stopped muting my chat and started to try and help people and tell them what they are supposed to do and what they did wrong. Quite a few people especially in gold started to actually appreciate my help, people in Plat not so much. They started to flame me, tell me I´m not better than they are and literally started trolling when I tried to help them. I do admit I got quite tilted and extremely annoyed after losing games that would have been rly easy to win. Now my account got a 14 day ban and I rly do not quite understand what warrants a ban in what I said. Yes First game I admit I was quite toxic but I was rly hard trolled by my support. He refused to help anyone, only stood at tower and after I died ganking bot cause he believed we couldn´t win the fight and didn´t help at all with full health and mana( he was wrong I nearly won the 3v1 but hey) he started following me in my jgl and tried to steal my jgl for most of the game. And yes I know I should never ask my team to ff but srsly some games are simply lost and it´s only a waste of time especially with a blatant troll. So yes that one I kinda understand, but I do not see how I actually said anything hurtful. Sooo... Second game. That one was interesting. Had 2 Premades one went Darius top with Ignite other one went Singed mid. Singed got hardstomped by Morde and asked for ganks, which I quite simply can´t give him cause Singed was so far behind from minute 2 that Morde would have won any 2v1 easily. So singed didn´t get any farm died over and over and blamed me, I told him that is what he has to expect when he goes Singed mid as the Pick simply doesn´t work. After that his premade Darius also flamed me and told me I´m the reason he is losing top. I told him to that the reason is that he rushes titanic on Darius which is about the worst thing he could ever do and he shouldn´t ever take ignite with Darius. Quite sure I only called out their hardmistakes they made, which were so bad that they either have to be trolling (this was high plat elo) or they were boosted, which I believe to be the case as they dropped to gold within 3 days of the game. This game I rly don´t think I deserve a ban for but hey I guess I did flame. But wow the last one. I have no words. I didn´t write much. I only begged a Leona that played behind their adc to play aggressive and engage and told I Urgot who first timed Urgot not to rush maw. That´s it. I mean rly I don´t understand how that is punishable and I would rly like to know, cause atm it seems to me the only chance not to get banned is never try and help your teammates and just mute chat. Game 1 In-Game OvFireAndVoid: ? OvFireAndVoid: he did OvFireAndVoid: but he only had 80 hp OvFireAndVoid: hahahaha OvFireAndVoid: holy fk mate OvFireAndVoid: glad you troll OvFireAndVoid: I had no q ready OvFireAndVoid: okay OvFireAndVoid: I´m not gonna gank anywhere OvFireAndVoid: janna OvFireAndVoid: youa re full health OvFireAndVoid: just go in dude OvFireAndVoid: yeah then don´t blame OvFireAndVoid: oh OvFireAndVoid: they needed nothing OvFireAndVoid: just ff OvFireAndVoid: still full OvFireAndVoid: you troll OvFireAndVoid: yeah cause you don´t play OvFireAndVoid: you stand behind your adc OvFireAndVoid: more so than mf OvFireAndVoid: no wonder you are ahrdstuck OvFireAndVoid: not? OvFireAndVoid: I have a 64% wirnate? OvFireAndVoid: both will be useless though OvFireAndVoid: Orianna OvFireAndVoid: move OvFireAndVoid: to marks OvFireAndVoid: you were saying janna? OvFireAndVoid: stop OvFireAndVoid: inting wtf OvFireAndVoid: do not take blue OvFireAndVoid: stop OvFireAndVoid: that OvFireAndVoid: gj janna OvFireAndVoid: thx mate OvFireAndVoid: they have 2 crit players OvFireAndVoid: yeah we can ff OvFireAndVoid: thx for the ward OvFireAndVoid: k OvFireAndVoid: guess OvFireAndVoid: we OvFireAndVoid: lose now OvFireAndVoid: told my team to come abron OvFireAndVoid: they backed OvFireAndVoid: so we lose OvFireAndVoid: idc OvFireAndVoid: srsly OvFireAndVoid: they deserve this loss so much OvFireAndVoid: oh OvFireAndVoid: you got the broken item OvFireAndVoid: it´s even in the name OvFireAndVoid: janna OvFireAndVoid: you missplay OvFireAndVoid: so insanely bad OvFireAndVoid: all game long OvFireAndVoid: just stfu OvFireAndVoid: and let yourself get carried OvFireAndVoid: Ori OvFireAndVoid: ok OvFireAndVoid: pls OvFireAndVoid: ff OvFireAndVoid: report Ori OvFireAndVoid: and ff OvFireAndVoid: why OvFireAndVoid: did OvFireAndVoid: you go blue OvFireAndVoid: when top pushed OvFireAndVoid: and we were grouped mid OvFireAndVoid: you are useless though OvFireAndVoid: I can´t OvFireAndVoid: Leo stuns me for 4 seconds OvFireAndVoid: what OvFireAndVoid: janna OvFireAndVoid: they stood in Kindred ult OvFireAndVoid: and everyone was low enough to take no dmg OvFireAndVoid: obviously I go for leona OvFireAndVoid: come on OvFireAndVoid: baron OvFireAndVoid: wtf OvFireAndVoid: thx OvFireAndVoid: Janna OvFireAndVoid: good ult OvFireAndVoid: sooooo OvFireAndVoid: Aphelios seems rly fair OvFireAndVoid: I´m melee dude OvFireAndVoid: huge difference OvFireAndVoid: Ori OvFireAndVoid: buy deathcap wtf Game 2 In-Game OvFireAndVoid: fk sry OvFireAndVoid: you play singed mid mate OvFireAndVoid: that is the defintion of inting OvFireAndVoid: you still play Singed mid OvFireAndVoid: utterly useless OvFireAndVoid: no matter what OvFireAndVoid: I srsly don´t care OvFireAndVoid: it is OvFireAndVoid: nice e OvFireAndVoid: oh wait OvFireAndVoid: yeah like I said OvFireAndVoid: useless OvFireAndVoid: you rush titanic with darius OvFireAndVoid: while going ignite OvFireAndVoid: no it doesn´t OvFireAndVoid: it´s about the worst thing you can do OvFireAndVoid: I engaged? OvFireAndVoid: 55 farm as Singed btw OvFireAndVoid: yeah OvFireAndVoid: cause OvFireAndVoid: you OvFireAndVoid: play OvFireAndVoid: Singed mid OvFireAndVoid: i won´t ff OvFireAndVoid: wouldn´t have mattered OvFireAndVoid: oh no OvFireAndVoid: cause OvFireAndVoid: you OvFireAndVoid: play OvFireAndVoid: Singed OvFireAndVoid: mid OvFireAndVoid: I don´t gank a Singed mid OvFireAndVoid: you play Darius OvFireAndVoid: ignite OvFireAndVoid: and rush titanic OvFireAndVoid: I mean srsly why OvFireAndVoid: you OvFireAndVoid: play OvFireAndVoid: Singed OvFireAndVoid: mid OvFireAndVoid: just stfu OvFireAndVoid: why would I ever help you? OvFireAndVoid: # OvFireAndVoid: yes OvFireAndVoid: and you hardinted everyone OvFireAndVoid: and play troll champs OvFireAndVoid: literally OvFireAndVoid: the worst item you could rush on Darius OvFireAndVoid: I know OvFireAndVoid: you buy it for the autoreset OvFireAndVoid: still worse OvFireAndVoid: than enything else you could buy OvFireAndVoid: no you don´t OvFireAndVoid: not itning with you OvFireAndVoid: I just want OvFireAndVoid: to fking farm OvFireAndVoid: get my lvl back OvFireAndVoid: and actually be usefull OvFireAndVoid: again OvFireAndVoid: you play OvFireAndVoid: Singed mid Game 3 In-Game OvFireAndVoid: just come and stun him OvFireAndVoid: I can os him OvFireAndVoid: perhaps you should actually play leona? OvFireAndVoid: you area massive tank engage OvFireAndVoid: no I´m not dude OvFireAndVoid: don´t troll OvFireAndVoid: and you won´t lose OvFireAndVoid: not as Urgot OvFireAndVoid: you don´t need it OvFireAndVoid: at all OvFireAndVoid: you build bs OvFireAndVoid: I don´t gank people that don´t know their champ OvFireAndVoid: no leona OvFireAndVoid: you played passive as leona OvFireAndVoid: your fault OvFireAndVoid: fking play mate OvFireAndVoid: you are literally afk OvFireAndVoid: pls report Leona she has to be trolling
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