Feels like worst season yet.

I had bad times, really bad times. But this is a little too much. Now when riot made that reset I noticed it in the first game and in the rest as well. I am about to finish my placements and man. I was already called a homeless person or a bum in german for not banning something. Being flamed for items or runes. Being called a noob for ganking a lane on which i even didnt focus that much. As I play mid often I mostly have enemy shaco junglers which gank like 8 times in first 15min. Which eventually gets me and then I need some farm to keep it up but no I am at fault again. I just finished 9th game where no one helped me again with shaco living near my lane but at least no one flamed and carried it for me. But its 1 out of 9 games. I didnt mention some stuff as this is pretty long even now. I just am getting tired of this. Before this it was bad but now with that reset I see it so much my head hurts...
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