Is it worth to play this game? Just another 'mermaid cry'

Hello! I do not know how to start such a topic. Maybe by saying that I've played this game before season 1 started, on North America server. I learned how to find myself here on the battlefields of trolling and flame. Made my way up to have fun, and enjoyed the game. I never cheated, and my behaviour is.. a little above moderate level i could say. Sometimes I can get upset in games but never flamed like "your mother something.." maybe because my age is 28 years old. I have few marks of friendly player but.. anyway.. to the point. Last weeks i get my first 14-day ban and it was related to flaming. I was really surprised because yea.. i flamed in game, because i get really pissed off by some guys who wasn't nice to me too. But it was only one game! First i wanted to speak about it with customer support, but hey.. there is a note that "You cant get shorten or lifted any ban by instant feedback". That looks a bit unfair. Why cannot i speak about it? In my ban description there was 2 games chat logs and while in one game as i said - i flamed a bit and get nervous.. in second one i didn't flamed anyone! But it was counted to my ban reasons! So now i would like to ask why i get instant 14 day ban for flame just in one game? Why no any warning, or something like "ok baby, don't play today - your attitude needs a break". Why not only chat restriction? I didn't get penalised like 2 years back! (and my only penalty was chatban). I know that i should not flame, but world is not perfect and ppl in my game wasn't also. I dont think its ok to give bans just for one game with flame. Also.. as i get my account with more and more content, is it worth to play if i can lose it so easily? What gona be next perma ban? I want to be better player and improve my behaviour, but how can i do that when i get such hard treatment? I did read somewhere that if i am not receiving penalties then i should not get this 14day ban, but chat restriction instead. If no, if there is only "4 time perma ban penalty" without decay.. you can not escape from that fate if your account is such old as mine. Its because you cant be perfect all the time. More than 6 years of playing this game, community marks and can get kicked out just like that? I wish to 'reform' and i wanted to be more friendly even before that damn ban but i didn't found Riot methods much supportive. Now when my ban is gone i still not feel much safe playing this game. Where i can get chatlog of game that i didn't flame ppl as ban reason and cannot talk about it with customer support. My questions are... - Why did i even get banned for 1 game only while i was fine player for a long period of time? - Why we cannot get our bans by instant feedback lifted or shorten? - Why i didn't get only chatban as "first penalty" in a long period? - Is that like you can only get 4 time penalised before permban no matter if you play 2 months or 10 years? - Why i cannot have any way shown if i am going in a good way with my "reform" or not? How can i know then if i am improving? Well.. still i think i've put more positive into the game of other ppl than negative and had much fun. Sadly... i don't believe in the better future. Just auto penalties are really not working as it could be expected. In my opinion this one was unfair and problem will back time by time when "robots" are going to judge people. {{champion:267}} Cheers.
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