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Apologies if my english is off, it's not my primary language, also sorry for rambling or getting off-topic. I'm not sure where else to post this but figured it might fit here? I don't know if there have been posts made about this in the past, but I think the current ban system can be a little harsh. (_well there are posts daily about unfair perma bans from toxic players but this idea as a whole is what I'm meaning here_) I might be contradicting myself a little here but if you are severely toxic and go out of your way to ruin someone elses day every single time you play the game, then it might be very well deserved. **HOWEVER**, I have a few suggestions. Riot games have always been big about **reforming,** and push the ideology on it's toxic playerbase, however there isn't much room for reforming if you get your account permanently suspended. I heard there was a thing about a year ago(?) on NA where they tried to unban some accounts for an experiment (and if anyone has an article or reddit thread about the results I'd like to see it!) Sure, you can make a new account, but a lot of people these days put a lot of money and time into their accounts. Some accounts can have sentimental value, and there might be friends you've made in the game that you haven't added to other forms of social media etc. So one of my ideas I've thought about is this: How about restricting chat for longer periods of time, rather than completely just locking people out of their accounts. You could even completely disable chat, or give players a permanent chat ban? I think this might be a more fair solution than the current very harsh system. If the permanent chat ban system would be a bit too mild of a punishment, then how about banning accounts (complete lock-out) for longer periods of time? Like up to 3 years, or something like that. That would also give players time to reflect on their behaviour and reform. I would like to hear your ideas, as well as feedback on these ideas. If these ideas have been posted in the past feel free to let me know as well! Other than that, I hope you all have a nice day! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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