The only thingh who stops this game evolve

I will be highly honest with you , i been having past behaviour issues ,and in time fixed them without to run of my problems.. , just by facing hundreds of toxic players and telling myself it dosn't worth it ... , because everyone of us know that , if we would just use mute all or anything else to ignore toxicity , then who would proceed to report the toxic players.. It will look like a standard complain , but 9 months ago i got permanent banned second 2 time but this time i never swear or took of people build ... , i will shortly explain that i received an autofill support flaming me ,roaming ,using skills to help others while he was shen support ,imagine you are adc and have to farm vs 2 guys , waste mana , play miles away to be safe from them flashes and combo ... and then to have and a support who grief and flame you then stay all the rest of game mid , i not even want your compasion for that , and then he pushed top while his base and nexus was in danger to be game over... , i tryed my best to estomp toxic behaviour , i run into typical tactics which i learn since this game was full of such immature behaviour ,back psihology i tryed to present his actions as being something forbidden and against rules , the result of this permanent banned for threats .. , cause this game rathers wants the trollers inside game , and wants us to share respect for such behaviour. What else concerned me is that the Riot support staff is under any capacity to understand what this case was about , they not even care they permanent ban me without purpouse ... , i mean who is more important the grief/troller or me as player who tryed hard to reform and 3 months stayed cool and nice in face of hundreds of such behaviour issues ... , i meet trollers who even been premade and trolling games and i haven't even sayd something to them , i let them to be smarter than me , and the only thingh i regret is that i standed out to protect the integrity of this game ,after all i got punished of this game creators because they considered my behaviour worth 140 years ban permanent in all those conditions , and that's extremly sad as now i have a lv 111 account lv 3 honor checkpoint 1 , gaining hundreds of honors because i am an extremly good player ,because my experience and skill save even most horrible games from cathastropic losses , i have nothing to proof here ,only to share the fact Riot dosn't care about them players after they got permanent banned , that's why i wanted to share this storry so i can open the eyes for everyone who thinks that since you got permanent banned you definetly deserve it ... , that's not the feeling i have about all of this ,because i not even changed my behaviour , only maked it stronger to just ignore and not anymore stand out to defend others of such behaviour inside games.
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