Worth a perma ban! oh yes!

Game 1 : are you trolling me/ : fuckong done : YOu : ARE : MY FUCKING PROBLEM : barrier : one : two i: your fucking keystone : is useless i: keystone : is shit : its not reportable for me to roam, have fun : yep i: ill support you : jihn with barrier and keystone like that : is cance : so dont talk about troll, when you think thats legit i: ITS TERRIBLE : you talk all you like : you cant : justify : your summonerts and keystone : no : theres a reason : people run : anything : but : the one you do : theres a reason : why people now run heal : and NEVER BARRIER : no : you dont have a clue : heal i: IS : BETTER UTILITY : ignorant : you think its solely for teh support, jokes : EVERYONE must be stupid for running heal, do you not think why 99.9% of people run heal : so much for muted : either top or roam or afk, i chose to carry on : cant play with jhin who i would only rage at : exactly why i wont afk? : you knew i was dumb? though i never said a word in champ select : how could you possibly know? : adcs with barrier logic? : report me for nothing : im not flaming : no : you have nothing : to base it on : and remind me of your division jhin? : though im not trolling? lol : why dont look at this fantastic comp you guys put together? : 4 ad champs, with zero tanks, zero cc, zero engage :) i: i apparently am the troll with that comp :) : explain how im trolling i: going top lane because i cant stop the adc? : there is no ruling i must stay bot. : can you explain why heal is better than barrier please : depends....... : no : not : at all : exh i would take if maybe they had multi assassins or high damage champs, maybe like illaoi for e.h : id take ignite if can see kills in lane and no assasin Game 2 : help?> : stop : pishing : and play : higher : we have kill : pressure : you : fucking i: bnoios : yasuo : look at aa map : o bronze : mf dont even have right masteries : theu shouldnt engage : flash : for : what : they aint killing you : leave i: the : game : then : bye : you flash for zero reason : no : against a pair of bronze : with wrong masteries : and he makes it look tough : amumu bot : he was taking inhib.. Ofc this is perm ban worthy, get a fucking grip. If this is ban worthy 90% of the community would be banned. So i want an explaination, why aren't more people banned if im being banned for explain why barrier is shit compared to heal and not verbally abusing anyone, and the rest of the team can call report and say no different to what i did. I left my lane to go top because i no longer wanted to play with jhin so i wouldn't flame the guy. Game 2- Someone moaning and threatning to leave so i said go. Then saying they flash for no reason, is this honestly PERMA BAN WORTHY? Yes i deserved previous bans, but for this to be perma banned? IS this pre school?
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