How are we supposed to combat this ?

So, i will start with this question : Does our reports on problematic players are even reviewed ? Or taken into consideration ? Why i`m asking this you might wonder. Well, during my years on this game i`ve met all kinds of players, the nice ones, the good ones, the flaming ones, the feeding lovers, the "mid/top/bot or feed" douchebags etc. I had a break of 1 year from this game and i`ve started to play again recently. The same types of players, nothing changed at all. I even got flamed by a guy who had the 2015 icon for good behavior during the 2015 season. A few matches ago we had a flamer in the enemy team. His team reported him and we also reported him because my teammates were nice and didn`t wanted that kind of guy in their team, so that means he got 9x reports. All good, everyone said in the ending screen that they reported him. Mission accomplished then. After a few more matches, the exact same guy, playing the exact same champion, the exact same behavior, but this time in our team. Some dude from the enemy team recognized him and told me this dude ruined his last game of promo a few days ago. What were the chances for 2 players to meet the exact same dude? Anyway, coincidence, i`ve met players for the second or the third time too. The guy in question told me he acts like that since he started playing ~ around 2 years ago ~ which that was his claim and then said the following "I flame people because they are %%%%ing %%%%%%s, why i would get banned because i tell others how %%%%ing stupid they are? I told him nicely that this type of behavior doesn`t help anyone, including him. He did not seem to care one bit, started to flame our mid laner which had a rough time anyway because the enemy jungler kept camping him and he couldn`t do much about it since he was playing a champion with no mobility ( {{champion:61}} ) and that was pretty much it, the guy left after 15 minutes of flame and we lost the game. I`m not ranting or anything, but i believe there must be serious consequences about it and the rules to be more harsh for cases like this. If the guy in question would have been banned at least 14 days he wouldn`t act like that anymore (or at least this is what i like to believe). If a person acts like that for 2 years straight and even after he got reported 9 times for the exact same reason and i think we weren`t the only ones who reported him in all this time, what are we supposed to do? After all we are the ones who lost time and patience. Would be nice to know if at least our reports are viewed and acknowledged when things like this happens. I do understand that this game will never be perfect when it comes to shitty behavior, but let`s not get into the other extreme where people go unpunished like this. *The matches were on another account, i chose to post this from this one because i don`t want people to dig up the match history and find the guy`s summoner name, after all, naming and shaming is against the rules.*
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