Toxic Behavior System.

Today I have a suggestion for the riot and for the community and see what your guys opinion on this thought. So my suggestion is alot of players has gotten perm banned for bad behavior or "toxic behavior" Anyway, Think how much money and time those guys has put into this game to enjoy playing with their friends and sure there are are a few people who has a bad day and just wants to be negative, But my point is a perm bann I think personally that is little bit over the line of a game. Okay if you did something that can effect the company and the community but getting perm banned for having a toxic behavior for a few games. I don't think that a perm bann should be on such high level for such a small issue, Everyone has their bad days but it physiclly happends all the time that some people just write something bad in general chat but getting the player that spent alot of money on "league of legends" deserve to get locked out of the community and will not be able to continue where he was after his incident. My suggestion is that, Give people who has a toxic behavior or any kind of behavior at all a temporary ban and not a perm bann, It can't affect their League of Legend character that they have spent so much money on. Temporary bans that can last for longer for each week if you keep having bad behavior in that way people will stop with the bad behavior and continuing on their character and not getting him perm banned. I understand bad behavior can affect the persons family and It can get on that high level that even the person can threathen the other persons family but just because he says it doesn't it mean he will. And for bad behaviorism I'd would concider this as a temporary bann and perhaps next time the persons behavior will be more piano than what it was earlier. What do you guys think about this idea? Do we have to live in a world where we spend money and those money can be lost by just saying a bad word in chat. - Sorry for my bad grammar, I have dyslexia which makes me hard to see the difference between hasn't and haven't.
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