Can the system excuse a person for their faults?

So some games ago, I had an Akali who would frequently ping me for no reason and the trash talk me for doing things she didn't like, which I obviously couldn't handle and went rogue against her (it was a solo ques game btw) I said things like "Shut the hell up or I will come over and kill you personally", and "go die" when she came up to my lane, top my farm and suicide into the enemy opponent of mine. The rest of my team went "can you to stop argue and calm down a bit". Which is at the point I thought "crap, if I keep doing this chatting with her, we might lose the game". So I said to Akali "Oye Akali, sorry for the things I told you. I didn't mean them, just got a bit angry from all your constant pinging". After the game expected to get a ban of 14 days, but never got one. Did my apology make the system give me another chance or what? It could also be that Akali just forgot reporting me, which I doubt but I'm hella happy, nothing happened. I really should just mute pings and trashers quicker.
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