I got banned for bullying my premade support

Have fun with the chatlog. The supp and me were mates and he knows how I can be and I'm never really serious with this stuff. However it is still annoying losing lanes and getting flamed for it, despite it being the fault of another laner. I guess I'll just disable my chat alltogether in the future. I commented the lines in parethesis. Still, there certainly were games where I was much more toxic, so I'm surprised that this is the one that got selected. Pharcon: ff 15 (after jungler dived them + doublebuff for their mf) Pharcon: see Pharcon: this is the problem Pharcon: **** off Pharcon: im not engaging (support went full ham despite us behing behind in gold and exp, also flaming me why I didn't go in) Pharcon: farming till 40 Pharcon: look badr (my support mate) Pharcon: this is what were losing too Pharcon: becaue you and hthe jungler are trolling Pharcon: wtf is this shit Pharcon: thanks for the towerdive gank elise (another towerdive by jungler) Pharcon: good thing we were ahead so we could dive them Pharcon: report Pharcon: aim at nothing Pharcon: script Pharcon: yes but the script did it Pharcon: why would you hook away from me Pharcon: only explanaition is russian script (I flashed into a failed hook :D) Pharcon: omg Pharcon: wow Pharcon: wow Pharcon: trolling (someone flashed out after a towerdive with full hp causing me to die because of aggro and low hp) Pharcon: idiots (yasuo and 2 others went into their jungle and threw multiple times) Pharcon: good ult Pharcon: sorry i got outplayed (after Diana oneshot me with the R button) Pharcon: mf with downs has a kill (she was REALLY bad, still got fed free kills by our team) Pharcon: HELLO Pharcon: can you all sell your offensive items (Yasuo was flaming me for not doing Damage against a team where even the support could walk up to me) Pharcon: and just buy warmogs Pharcon: and peel for me (it actually worked) Pharcon: I did the only kill Pharcon: only damage Pharcon: thanks Pharcon: 866 Pharcon: r button
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