Why is lol so difficult...

Why do we have so many problems playing League of Legends? Like, trolls, flamers, blamers, people who insult you or just do not know how to behave or what to do? People that do not know how to accomplish the goal of destroying the enemy nexus? People that do not play as a team? I am thinking about it for a while now: why does it feel like it is getting down with the standards, why is this so hard? I had in the last 20 games an unusual high amount of flamers, who insult players. I am asking myself, do those people not realise that they are playing with other humans? I can understand that the anonymity in online life gives people safety so they do not think that much about what they say/write, but I feel like I am playing with psychopaths. Like they have no feelings or shame at all. No consideration in their words. If you are stomping your enemys: everybody in your team is nice and says "gj", "wp" etc. If you are loosing: insults, insults and more insults...oh and blame, flame, toxicity and a lot of NaCl What is going on with those people? Have they never been taught how to behave with others? Actually no. Think about it, when did we ever have to really work as a team in our lives? When had we to plan a strategy together? When did we ever have to count on each other, help each other? The answer is: actually** NEVER **(except in sport in school, school presentations and sport clubs) We humans have never had to master such situations. Only our ancestors, who had to hunt in groups and maybe soldiers in the war had to. But the players of this game, have no experiences at all how to be a team (I do not say that I do either) and I think this is the reason why the people behave like that. We simply lack in experience. What do you think?
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