Tips to deal with petty people?

Hi guys. Just had one of the most frustrating experiences in League. In champ select I get mid and declares I wanna play {{champion:103}} , because, I wanna play her and I got mid. Bot then asks if he can get mid, I reply "no sry". He then bans {{champion:103}} . Why are people so petty?!?!? Wait ONE %%%%ing game. Anyways, I would like to hear your tips on what to do, since: I feed out of tilt and frustration, I get reported for inting. I applaud the enemy {{champion:238}} (my opponent) every time he kills him. I get reported for flame. I call him very approriate names, I get reported for flame. I report him after game, he MAYBE gets looked at and it is MAYBE concluded he is a D-bag who should get appropriate treatment. I dodge, I get dodge penalty, he doesn't In game I seem to have one option: be the nice guy, %%%% my frustration, he just gets to do whatever. And we probably lose the game, since 1, I am not playing my best midlaner right now, and 2, I reeeeally don't feel like doing anything that can in the least be construed as making it a good game for him in any way. Not quite fair for the 3 other prople of the team. I hate there is no protocol (in lack of a better word) in place to not reward the douche, and I have to suck it up and have a bad game because of him. Okay, this turned into more of a venting, thank you if you have endured this far, but if you have any good tips on how to deal with these situations in a good way feel free to share {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}

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