Riot is just unfair with their bans. 14 days ban for NOTHING.

Hey, I just got banned by Riot for "abusive, player-reported comms." Under the reason why I got banned, Riot showed me this Chatlog: Game 1 NezirHsni: invade NezirHsni: gg NezirHsni: ill steal NezirHsni: or no lets kill NezirHsni: xD NezirHsni: im stupid NezirHsni: gg NezirHsni: ez watch ur mana NezirHsni: dont waste it NezirHsni: too fast NezirHsni: i thought u had to escape NezirHsni: sry NezirHsni: xD NezirHsni: oka NezirHsni: gg NezirHsni: Vayne 3 kills NezirHsni: okay NezirHsni: lol NezirHsni: give me NezirHsni: all u can give NezirHsni: do that NezirHsni: 2 mujch mn NezirHsni: youre nearly even to vayne Ez NezirHsni: sit down NezirHsni: <3 NezirHsni: gg NezirHsni: focus vayne NezirHsni: let bard be bard NezirHsni: take lantern Ezreal :D NezirHsni: when u can NezirHsni: xD NezirHsni: gg NezirHsni: rule nr. 1 NezirHsni: Go afk NezirHsni: when Vayne is in enemy team NezirHsni: i do NezirHsni: rengar NezirHsni: u aint taking the right ones NezirHsni: xD NezirHsni: bardo sux NezirHsni: gg NezirHsni: gizz NezirHsni: close NezirHsni: oops NezirHsni: Rengar there is nothing im doing wrong NezirHsni: wtf NezirHsni: 4/8 Jungle NezirHsni: Comeo n NezirHsni: wtf NezirHsni: I hook NezirHsni: I E NezirHsni: everything NezirHsni: u have 1 assisst more NezirHsni: which i usual as Jungle in early - mid NezirHsni: now stfu NezirHsni: and play NezirHsni: dont come bot NezirHsni: if i suck NezirHsni: ty NezirHsni: And btw Rengar NezirHsni: im not trash NezirHsni: Im Thresh NezirHsni: badumm ts NezirHsni: is gorgeous ik NezirHsni: u suck dude NezirHsni: u rlly do NezirHsni: lol NezirHsni: dc NezirHsni: gg NezirHsni: Rengar, you have way more assissts than I do NezirHsni: yeah, u right, i shouldnt talk with fcktards NezirHsni: u having fun bardo? :d I didn´t even say anything reportable, but "fcktards", "bardo sux" and "u suck dude". Is this a reason for getting banned already? I had a Rengar in my team calling me trash, noob, etc. and I thisfor reacted pretty calm. I got flamed the whole game long, but didn´t say ANYTHING. NOTHING! What do you think? Well, I used to pay money for this game, but after this ban I started rethinking wheather this was a smart idea... I payed this type of Riot-supporters... I hope this is only a missunderstanding, this NEEDS to be a joke. Tell me about your experience and if there is any supporter reading this, explain to me what made me get banned. Bye NezirHsni PS: I don´t know where to ask to get unbanned, so I just posted it here. Hope it isn´t a problem.

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