Milk the cow *while you can*

This is a very simple statement. league of legends is dead, and the devs are milking it the maximum possible. it has never been seen a comm system that permanently bans you for typing while dead. on the other hand if you are trolling you can go unckecked. Why are people getting perma banned over comms? so you get another account buy boosts and rebuy your skins. Why isn't there an option to disable chat? easy, so snowflakes you ask to wake up can int the game away after that and ban you cause you spent the last 2min typing. it is simply pathetic and there is no argument to support such dumb, dumb policy. what's next? red cards for footbal players that sware? If it is up to other players to determine if you are toxic, in a game composed by 6yrs olds, any tip you try to give will just make them int and you get banned for trying to get them back again. better straight insult them then, more satisfying. I got 4 accounts perma just for comunicating with alot of short messages. My last one was with 2 games were i didnt use a single sware word, just by asking please wake up enough times, snowflakes feed and report because you pointed at them. so my other 7 accounts will be used to troll. my troll test account has ALMOST 50 games and still not a SINGLE warning (support had promised me i would be banned fast... so lying support), unlike trying to win wich bans you in around 10-15 games regardless of the type of language you use. after 6 years, you have a completly broken game where you are trying to milk every cent possible with the "balancing", constant baning of accounts and mantaining op champs so you can sell skins. I mean, you dont even respect balancing in worlds. Good luck RIto, i shall never give you another cent
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