So I got a two week ban for this.

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I was playing 3v3 with my mate and I instantly got banned because i said '%%%' twice even though it was just banter. It was only because the morde was making fun that I took TP which was accidental. So I BM him before the game ended. I understand about toxicity is not tolerated on this game but this was very unfair of me getting banned after one game, let alone a 3v3. The chat log also doesnt justify it aswell, i even said a joke about 'tp being useful' so the '%%%' was just there to add to the banter. It was not my intention to malicious to this mordekaiser, it was just banter and me giving him some BM. I feel this is unfair since it is also a two week suspension. I just got honor 3 which took ages to get.

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