Is there a way I can chat restrict myself?

I decided to make a separate discussion on this following the one concerning my 2 week suspension. What I've come to ask is is there a way I could chat restrict myself in game when my suspension ends? I really don't want to risk getting permabanned since I don't want the hassle of starting a new account. If anyone could reach out to me on this topic to prevent myself from getting penalized again, I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} EDIT: A lot of people are saying how the option for chat restrictions would let people express toxicity in less detectable ways. If this idea would cause such an issue, then Riot should at least give us an option or command which allows players to type things without the other players in our games seeing what we type. This way, players can express their anger in a way which no one sees it. This would allow players to freely express their emotions without anyone having to get offended or butthurt. The idea of communication between players won't be completely revoked with this feature. Players will still be able to talk to their teammates without the ideal command I'm talking about. But if players do happen to tilt during games, they won't have to take it out on others. They'll be able to type without having other players feeling offended.
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