Why i am banned instead of trolls in my team

I was playing game where i had darius pyke rammus (me) mf and talon in team .. first of all miss fortune started feeding .. me and that pyke blamed her for our loosing then darius started with flaming us and whole game he was in chat and wasnt playing game .. at the end of the game we all had about 100 cs he had 50 cs btw talon sold his items and gone into enemy turret and died after that he gave some kills to enemy talon who said him to continue playing .. he is good player and other things to support him trolling us .. also enemy talon was toxic af too our darius spammed report pyke and rammus (no trolls) and half of enemy team believed that we troll because i had 1/4 score btw enemy is so fed i cant escape or reach them .. after the game ended i reported our talon mf and darius and enemy talon for toxic AND I RECIEVED BAN TICKET (14 day suspension) I asked riot support in EMAIL why i am banned i told them my summoner name and they still avoid to tell me why i am banned? i sent many other mails about that but they still dont give answer about it its not fair to punish innocent players who were trolled is it? LEAVE COMMENT ABOUT MY STORY WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT IT? SHALL WE STOP THEM BANNING INNOCENT PLAYERS BTW IF SOMEONE FROM RIOT IS READING THIS PLEASE ANSWER ME {{sticker:cass-cry}}
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