This is a joke ( but it's not a funny one ). Riot Banning system

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself, i'm 32 y old Lawyer from Italy. I'm writing this today because i play LoL since season II ( higher reached Plat ) and i want to discuss about the current state of the game. I am not much of writer on this forum but i read often. Anyway what i want to debate here is the banning system. I feel like this thing is not working and it's too much based on a number of words that are listen and that if you write WILL get you ban. First of all, how can you apply such a machine like rule to humans when they have such a variety of ways to express themselves and sometimes what a machine read as an insult may be something different ( viceversa a lot of expressions which are really bad aren't there ). I've got friends that got banned for writing to a friend in duo " f u <3 " and a third person reported him. I myself got banned for the first time in 10 y because i wrote " %%%% me " once in a game. Now, i understand everything but how can you make humans to be judged by machines ? This is madness, you are taking away the context that is everything ! Let me explain this real quick: If you judge a man for violence without knowing the context you maybe be condemming an innocent. What if that man was defending himself just because he had been victim of violence himself before ? To get you understand my point, all i want to say is that you HAVE to analyze every case. one by one. YOU CAN'T HAVE MACHINES TO GET THE JOB DONE. I'm open for debate. Still thank you riot for the game. Just not thank you for thinking like a corporate and cut down the tribunal. Have a nice day everyone ! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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