14 Day suspension i just got as enlighten me !

So i just received a 14 day suspension after these particular 3 chat logs (yes i know im negative i dont call people names but i know im negative) but i have now realized what i need to do when im tilted > Game 1 > ZlicedHD: lol they stole my red > ZlicedHD: wp gnar > ZlicedHD: wtf > ZlicedHD: ok gl top > ZlicedHD: i wont come here anymore > ZlicedHD: good job on letting me take the agro > ZlicedHD: this is done anyway > ZlicedHD: gg wp > ZlicedHD: gg > ZlicedHD: unlucky bot lane disableed minimap > ZlicedHD: go next > ZlicedHD: mid lost bot is beyond poverwhelmed > ZlicedHD: go next > ZlicedHD: i already knew the dopa wannabe would be like this > ZlicedHD: bot is playing with their screens off aswell > ZlicedHD: cya > ZlicedHD: i think i enjoyed mid and bot lane gameplay too much gratz on the freelo > ZlicedHD: drop wannabe > ZlicedHD: dopa > ZlicedHD: bet money this tf just fininshed watching a "how to play like dopa" video > ZlicedHD: says the guy who went 0/4 and doesnt watch minimap > ZlicedHD: you think we win when mid and bot are 1/12 > ZlicedHD: top rushing abysmal mask vs 3 ad carries > ZlicedHD: ok try to assist them like me nexzt game instead of inting and let me know how your rank improved after > ZlicedHD: sure they do > ZlicedHD: go ahead build full mr > ZlicedHD: TIL gnar and ww are ap carried > ZlicedHD: i thought they were ad thank god sion taught me > ZlicedHD: the score ius legit 19 - 2 and they think all is my fault > ZlicedHD: thank gios they played good > ZlicedHD: congratz on first item jhin > ZlicedHD: only 19 mins > ZlicedHD: meh nothing to do since they cant even choose the right answer on ff vote > ZlicedHD: honor jhin and tf report kayn > ZlicedHD: i too prefer inters over flamers > ZlicedHD: thjey improve the game much more [Link to game 1 score and details](https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3613018950/204425606?tab=overview) > Game 2 > ZlicedHD: really > ZlicedHD: god damn that camop > ZlicedHD: omfg > ZlicedHD: ... > ZlicedHD: fk this camp > ZlicedHD: unbelievable > ZlicedHD: im getting camped 24/7 > ZlicedHD: even under turret im getting thrown javelin > ZlicedHD: just go next > ZlicedHD: good camp > ZlicedHD: go next > ZlicedHD: gg wp nidalee > ZlicedHD: we should have remaded since our jungler didnt log on > ZlicedHD: nidalee won this game > ZlicedHD: so top is open > ZlicedHD: group and end > ZlicedHD: idc go ahead > ZlicedHD: difference in junglers is abysmal > ZlicedHD: gg wp nidalee > ZlicedHD: sure > ZlicedHD: trade junglers > ZlicedHD: we see how the game would go > ZlicedHD: they are taking baron > ZlicedHD: just satall till jax logs on > ZlicedHD: meh > ZlicedHD: our jax says everything > ZlicedHD: dude is doing nothing besides trolling but we cant ff > ZlicedHD: gg wp better jungler wins [Link to game 2 score and details](https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3612264750/204425606?tab=overview) > Game 3 > ZlicedHD: congratz boys > ZlicedHD: nida zed and ez wanted to troll > ZlicedHD: cause nida banned zeds yasuo > ZlicedHD: so like a good kid he has to show everyone he is mad > ZlicedHD: ty for the game nida ez and zed > ZlicedHD: sorry needed to do that to be worth some money > ZlicedHD: we going bot > ZlicedHD: nvm > ZlicedHD: just pink the bush on the side > ZlicedHD: :) > ZlicedHD: im not either > ZlicedHD: this is a legit strat > ZlicedHD: damn this velkoz is good > ZlicedHD: idk > ZlicedHD: we going bot > ZlicedHD: 4 man it > ZlicedHD: you underestimate my Blitz jungle > ZlicedHD: worth > ZlicedHD: im not trolling > ZlicedHD: zed bot > ZlicedHD: damn you still havent cleared the pink ward on the side bush »? > ZlicedHD: zed afk at base > ZlicedHD: ... > ZlicedHD: nida ez and zed wanted to troll > ZlicedHD: which is why we have nida adc and ez support > ZlicedHD: im not gonna ruin my good champs win rate > ZlicedHD: with this > ZlicedHD: for trying out of meta? > ZlicedHD: i didnt ban yasuo > ZlicedHD: tho > ZlicedHD: nidalee did > ZlicedHD: i banned graves > ZlicedHD: im just trying out of meta pick > ZlicedHD: why you flaming me ez? > ZlicedHD: wait i said that in all chat > ZlicedHD: mb > ZlicedHD: alt enter got stuck > ZlicedHD: for someone with the name "not Meta" you seem very reluctant on meta picks > ZlicedHD: i didnt int mid i got outplayed > ZlicedHD: im just getting bullied overhere > ZlicedHD: gg wp > ZlicedHD: i was hoping adc nidalee would work > ZlicedHD: glad i was surprised > ZlicedHD: why you bullying me ez > ZlicedHD: u shouldnt flame people ezreal > ZlicedHD: gg [Link to game 3 score and details](https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3612998615/204425606?tab=overview) So of these 3 games one i inted since champ select was trolling around which is game 3, one i got inted and trolled on which is game 1, and one i lost hard as hell mostly due to jungler going afk from the 3 min mark to the 14 min mark. However due to all this mistakes i now learned how to do stuff properly i will just from now on refrain from using the chat function and Intentionally feed on sight the moment i get tilted in order to avoid ban restrictions (i will only do this in games like the 1st since it was beyond over and a duo refused to ff)
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