Funniest examples of people's logic

Hi! I wanted to share with you some things I used to see in this game, related to player's behaviour. Personally I love this kind of situations because I'm not sure if people who are doing this even have idea how stupid it looks. I'd title this - Everyday on Summoner's Rift. uck Logic 1 *le person picking support Brand* - Pick normal support please - says Bottom. - But I want to play Brand - says Support. - But it's not normal support - says Jungle. - But... but I'm good with Brand - says Support. - OMG YOU PICKED BRAND, I GO TROLL, YOU ARE REPORTED FOR TROLL PICK - says Bottom, Jungle nad Toplane. In game: Bottom used heal for fun, saying he will troll because he doesn't have support. Jungle went to die under tower since "it's already lose". Top went afk. End of the game: - Report Brand for trollpick!!!!11oneone!!!1 uck Logic 2 *le botlane died giving double to enemy in minute 4* TOP: *ping* *ping* *ping* stop feeding! MID: OMG GG, it's lost. *10 minutes later, enemy toplane 4/0/0* TOP: *ping help* *ping help* Where is our jungle? 0 ganks lol, it's gg, we lost. MID *premade with toplane*: OMG JUNGLE GANK TOP! We will lose because of you. uck Logic 3 *le toplane sits under tower, can't farm, enemy toplane is pushing* *le midlane sits under tower, can't farm, enemy toplane is pushing* *le bottom and le support have 5/0/0, 0/0/5 and are pushing lane* ... *le jungle goes to bot to take kills 3 times in a row while top and mid tower are destroyed* uck Logic 4 *le midlane have 6/0/0 and destroyed enemy tower on mid* 5 minutes later *le mid goes on 4 enemy trying to kill them solo - dies* MID: OMG WHERE IS MY TEAM! I PLAY ALONE IN THIS GAME! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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