Riot should add a list to let you know what counts as toxic or abusive

i personally am getting banned of not knowing what i say is truly toxic, because when i think of toxic i think of someone who says die or i hope your family dies, i f*cked ur mom and sister i am going to kill you go %%% etc... thats what i think of when toxic but recently i got banned for saying "i am losing lane 2v1 while you lose lane 4v2 and you keep flaming me" and "i rather lose with good teamates then get carried cuz for me getting carried is like losing imo" i say these things about what i think but i guess it was abusive or toxic since i got banned of it. so i rlly want riot to post a list of what counts as toxic since this version of toxic behaviour is rlly weird compared to what i expect to be toxic. PS: i was salty that game cuz i lost lane 2v1 and my team ignores my cries for help which is why i said those quotes. have a nice day ^_^
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