Public ban appeal.

Greetings League of Legends community. My name is Chris, I am from Greece, and I've been banned permanently from playing League of Legends by the automated system that catches players using "scripts". Although I was not the one using such program, but my close friend who happened to borrow my account for a few days, I couldn't get my account unbanned. This is a message to all players playing League of Legends. Don't give your account to your friends, or even to your siblings. You never know whether or not they will use a program to help them win easier. I've spent more than 2,000euros on the account, and it was banned by that little mistake. Don't make the same mistake I did. Just a heads up, Riot closes their ears to player's appeals. They won't listen to anything you say, no matter if you did wrong or not. Have a nice day.
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