Proof that Riots int/troll System is beyond useless/\ and that Riot are hypocrits(inting Sion)

First off i know there will be some people who love riot who will just donvote this for the sake of it being critic against Riot Games but critic has to be made to change something if it doesn't work now i also know there will be people saying: ''Riot doesnt tell you if someones getting a ban'' ye i know that but its not that hard to check they're and see if they're still playing. You're theory therefore has been debunked. So it's a common thing that people who troll and int get to live a free life and more then half of the time aren't caught because the system ''Can't track if it's just a bad game or not''. So recently a Streamer named ''hashinshin'',whos crtiticised alot by the league playerbase for a good reason got a 14 day suspension for ''Intentional Feeding''. I took the time to look up all his 19 deaths in his Toplane Victor game and i don't even know what to say else than his ban is totaly undeserved. How comes we ban people for having bad games now riot? I know 19 deaths are alot but let me explain: First off he played against one of the best rivens of NA who was on a smurf account, and riven is known to be one of his most hated match ups. He didn't perform well against her and gave her some kills after that, there was no more stoping Riven, especially because of his reputation he got the ultimate camp by graves, as soon as he left tower range for a second graves and riven would dive him from the tribush and after the first tower went down they would do that from the Brush at Krugs (topside) over and over and over again, he couldn't cs or even walk out without getting instakilled. I can't possibly see where he int because he didn't ran it down once and just had the camp of his life and couldn't do much against it, so deffinitly a undeserved ban even if you might think so because he has a bad overall reputation. (Footage of his deaths: So the report system deffinitly failed on that part but heres another example:recently a german youtuber called Silphi got inted on hard by a draven who ran it down, the report ofcourse was useless (because bad game keepo) and he only got his deserved ban after the youtuber himself uploaded the game to youtube and sent the link to riots twitter, why does that even need to happen to ban someone who deffinitly deserves his ban only can get cought by coincedence through a youtube video and can live on by the system not replying correctly? I also had a nunu 4 days ago who ran it down after getting some camps stolen by the enemy jungler, I even reported him via the support directly (after all they should have the replay) just looked up his hes still playing to the very moment. Why do inting people only get banned when they either land on the front page of reddit or get exposed by a bigger youtuber, that just shows how much the system itself isn't doing its job. Now to the hypocricy allegation. We know recently a new strategy thats fun and interactive for the whole family came out, the inting sion strategy or how riot likes to call it ''Strategicly minded Sion''. The tactic lives from literally not giving a sh.. about dying over and over to the point where games end with somewhat of 2/18 KDAs and even if you win with that strategy, it's only satisfying for the Sion player himself. I don't know where riot thinks it's fun to play 4v5 against a team with a hardcore fed toplaner and/or jungler but obviously they think so. But how comes that strategy isn't bannable for ruining team experience but the most mastery points singed player world literally got banned and warned by riot for playing Smite Singed support, a strategy that clearly worked out for him by stealing the enemies buffs and assisting his team that way while also roaming alot and having a above 50% Wr and getting himself plat with that strategy? They said the ban was for ruining the fun for his botlaner he should be supporting and for not being not very usefull to his team if the strategy isn't working out, but why is inting sion not banned then? Inting sion literally ruins the game for 4 other players if it isn't working out by just feeding kills into the enemy team over and over again. Really hypocritic riot. If inting Sion isn't inting then why is playing smite support singed with a good winrate trolling? And if inting sion isn't inting, Is running into the enemy team as karthus to die over and over again also not inting because your tactic is to deal dmg in your passive? Riot deffinitly has to set a line there at some point. EDIT:Also to the hipocrisy statement:And if Riot really doesn't want to have the Toxic side of players like Hashinshin on they're game, Why do they still allow them to be in the League Partner program to represent they're game? Thats really hypocritic, on the one side they wan't to ban them but on the other side all options the get more possible money spending customers are left open, even giving these people they clearly don't want in they're community free items that only a little % of players even get via giveaway codes, shouldn't they if they are this unwanted, not be removed from the program? Or could it just be that money goes over every strict rule of moral? Also why didn't they unban Tyler1 till the point where the game really was on the verge of losing alot of players, could it be that they knew that that was the perfect opertunity to get more players through tylers higher viewerbase? I mean sure he reformed but if riot really would just go for the reform they could've literally unbanned him months before he blew up hard on twitch. EDIT 2: I didn't expect this post to get this much attention, over 4K Views and a positive upvote balance. Thank you for that and a special thanks to the people who actually understand the situation and don't just deffend for the sake off defending. What i want to adress is that after 4k views im pretty sure some Rioters actually looked this post up and read threw it. This is a Question to Rioters that are going to read this post after the edit, why aren't you replying to critique that is made against you? I think we have a right to know why things are working like this at the moment.
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