Chat Restriction on me being toxic to players that ruin this game.

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**Listen up Riot. ** This game is on the verge of extinction now days. **You know why? ** Cause your **Tribunal System** sucks. No hard feelings. Every time I join a game on **Gold Elo** I get teammates that don't even care about going afk or just leaving mid game to go grab a bite or just talk to the phone. They scale to gold and then they cant go higher so they just ''play for fun''! And you end up playing a game where you try to GUIDE your team to freaking win this. This is a problem you guys need to figure out fast cause thats the reason you lose players every now and then and they prefer to play other games. I got chat restricted for 10 games in a game where I tried to guide a **''lux support''** and told him to stop feeding and inting. Just watch the replay im uploading and you'll understand my problem and EVERYBODY else's problems on this game. -_ **(Watch Lux's perspective camera and fiddle's chat)** _ Seriously I'm no pro at this game. I'm learning and most of my games I try to lead everybody by using pings talking bout ganks e.t.c but some guys just need to get off this game or just play normals if they wanna have fun. ( {{summoner:3}} of this system. )

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