My opinion about the tribunal system

So not only does Riot encourage fighting fire with fire and instead of trying to help/be nice to flamers they just treat them like criminals and throw them in a box meantime everybody is so busy abusing the crappy system to report people who shouldn't be reported while people who should be reported are never reported. But everybody is so worried about "being nice" you are not even capable of playing the game. Taking nexus wins games, spamming pings and saying "be careful" to pretend like nice players while doing nothing to win, you failed to do one simple task. Play. The. Game. It's cute really because the old tribunal system was such a triumphant FAILURE they had to implement something drastic to appeal to the community which is under the age that the game rating states is required to play it. It's not he community's fault that everybody that gets hired at Riot are college grads and nobody has any real sensibilities about how to properly execute game creation. WoW's been around far longer than League and has had way more serious flaming issues. Do they have an instaban system? No? Wow amazing. In fact, it would be so easy to just ban people from chat all-together. You already restrict people if they act out but instead of banning them from chat you ban them from the game?? Sounds like you're only in it for the money for me. Ban somebody's account with all their skins and money they spent on it and force them to make a new account. Nothing you do is respectable Riot and your petty guise is easy to see through and and fact is the chat logs that we always get is only ours , this system is just blind to be honest..
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