I was permanently banned

I got permanently banned for flaming. I was defending my self but i do understand it's not the way i should have acted. I acted in the heat of the moment and i understand my mistake. But please i promise i will change. I will do anything to get unbanned. anything I will be nice, i will encourage others to be nice If there is some sort of community work in forums or anything i will help. Just please unban me. you will see that my attitude will be the best. It will be better than anyone elses. I beg of you please unban me. What i said was on instict and i realised that once it was too late. I promise to never do this again. Just plz unban me. monitor me. have a bot monitor me if i get a single report :( {{item:3070}} Game 1 GearDevil: we have no one who can tank damage (-_-) GearDevil: im gonna go for a tanky build :P GearDevil: since we dont have real tanks... :p GearDevil: worlds luckiest ezreal? confirmed? GearDevil: (-_-) oh... GearDevil: FAK OFFF GearDevil: i go feed.... GearDevil: useless... GearDevil: what am i suppose to do? when team is autistic? GearDevil: we have no tanks... GearDevil: im going tank ahri... GearDevil: jungle only cares for kills... instead of actually taking jungle buffs GearDevil: report ryze plz :) ty GearDevil: kid ;) there is no such thing as KS GearDevil: ty GearDevil: ty for leaving low hp on them GearDevil: ryze mad? GearDevil: cause crybaby? :) GearDevil: congratz :) premade noobs GearDevil: who? GearDevil: nt ezreal GearDevil: too bad ryze feed them :( GearDevil: cry more? :3 GearDevil: crying over the fact someone says mad? GearDevil: wow :D GearDevil: :) GearDevil: :) GearDevil: what happened to my W? GearDevil: true :c GearDevil: i thought i get jinx and just die... but my w didnt hit her? D: GearDevil: ryze cry over KS again?/ GearDevil: even tho this is team game :) GearDevil: and ks isnt a real thing :) GearDevil: aahha so obvious didnt mute me GearDevil: mhm GearDevil: cry more then GearDevil: ? GearDevil: ? GearDevil: nothing GearDevil: he cryinv over nothnig GearDevil: nice ezreal griefing.... GearDevil: thanks for making my type instead of paly GearDevil: report ryze thanks :c he does nothing but flame :( GearDevil: welp gg? :D GearDevil: ? GearDevil: :) GearDevil: xD GearDevil: :D:D:D:Dd GearDevil: wow autism much? GearDevil: report me for? GearDevil: you reporting me cause you dont mute me? :D GearDevil: that logic... reports for spam... doesnt mute xD GearDevil: 10/10 GearDevil: ezreal you said you will be tank :) GearDevil: 147.. armor.. GearDevil: dude.... GearDevil: the ap guys can 1 shot you.. GearDevil: sO? GearDevil: this is gonna be hard... GearDevil: ahri must take all the damage GearDevil: ok you asked for it GearDevil: :) GearDevil: 3rd reason? GearDevil: i died once :) GearDevil: premade autists GearDevil: oh feeding? 1death = feed :c oh god kids these days GearDevil: so spoiled GearDevil: report me for? GearDevil: ryze same deaths :D GearDevil: spam isnt a reason to report :d mute button is there for a reason GearDevil: troll? says the guy who has done nothing all game GearDevil: :) GearDevil: ryze just so you know! GearDevil: you litteraly lost us the game GearDevil: :d ezreal you are the one flaming GearDevil: stealing a blue from the player who does something :d lost us the game ;) GearDevil: lost top.... 0 help.. kill stealing :D GearDevil: 10/10 ryze GearDevil: :) GearDevil: ezreal stop flaming GearDevil: you legit the only one flaming now.. GearDevil: MUTE ME? GearDevil: IS THAT NOT AN OPTION? GearDevil: rep me and mute me/ GearDevil: seriously :d GearDevil: ?? GearDevil: where did you all go? GearDevil: janna we lost game cause of ryze :c GearDevil: ahah afk ryze
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