riot joking with perma ban???

hello guys, im a bit confused and i dont know where to get some help, so this is my last chance. 01/09/2016 (1st of september) i was perma banned from league. i was like wtf and then i started digging into my ban. first support (i dont know if i can name them) told me i was toxic. when i asked how, she told me she cant see toxicity, but negativity. i was like: i never troll, i never afk (last leaver buster 5 min was year ago. so i was told i was asking for surrender ( ??? if they dont want to surr then remove surrender from game no? ) almost 6 months and still no more info about my ban. so i decided to explain my chat log so they can see i wasnt toxic or negative (sorry if its not formated correctly) Game 1 Matanas: rip money Matanas: wasted on rp :D Matanas: u can buy me some cheap gragas Matanas: skin ----------- here we were friendly talking about skins so i joked that she can buy me skin if she has some rp left, nothing toxic Matanas: kha just 2 times bot --------- kha was twice on bot so this is warning for ahri to play carefully Matanas: ahri gj Matanas: nice ahri -------------------- she got ganked by kha and she killed someone and then died, so that was really good outplay. then i didnt used chat and we started to lose game cuz kha was fed. Matanas: just surr Matanas: ofc yes --------------------- it was blind pick so we just wanted to not worry about this lose and play next game and win. not to waste time and lose Matanas: mid 0 help --------- ahri or cass started flaming bot for feeding kha and kata when they were ganking in 4 man like twice in a row on bot, so i defended me and my support from flame. Matanas: surrender ----------thing went worse and we were just wasting time waiting for lose Matanas: kata is jugnler? Matanas: what a news ---------- ahri said that why we must deie every time kata comes bot Matanas: u are just bad ----------- bad player = someone who blames team for all mistakes and never look on his plays. and to be honest , perma ban for saying bad player is a bit too much Matanas: im not salty Matanas: but when someone cant watch his enemy Matanas: on lane -------- cassio asked me why im salty, so i explained everything Matanas: just reprot those bad players ----------- ahri said im noob and "just report those noobs" so im not toxic to call other noobs, i said bad player, thats nothing toxic to be perma banned no? Matanas: xD Matanas: 10 times better Matanas: ahri 2k16 --------- ahri said shes "10 times better than u noob" and i used dank meme to make fun of this game. Matanas: bad players needs to be reported Matanas: so ahri is asking for it ------------ she flamed me so i repeated sentece i used before. Matanas: ahri if ur 10 times better then why u dont follow kata? Matanas: ok so this is how u play ur 10 times better? Matanas: to not help team mates? ------------ normal using of chat, nothing toxic or anything to be banned for Matanas: thats another reportable ------------ griefing = helping enemy to win easier no? she started to INT , walking 1v4. am i right when i say griefing is reportable? Matanas: np Matanas: 14 days or perma is for this -------------- i know that u get 14 day ban for stuff like flaming and griefing , so it was advice to not continue doing stuff like this Matanas: or kata coming bot and our mid coming when everyone died ------------- that happend few times, so it is just re explaining why we lost bot lane so hard, i played TF adc but i dont know since when u can get perma banned for non meta picks in normals Matanas: np ahri Matanas: just do it ------------ she started to blaming me for this lose so i said np and just do it for 4th surrender, no one likes to play with flamer Matanas: i ll laugh when i ll get message : summoner has been banned ---------- i got this message one game before this, some int feeder and i reported him and got this message Matanas: cass why flame yi? ---------- yi was my premade, i know him irl and he was learning jungle, but he sold jungle item for botrk and cass started to flame him but hes new to the game, how can she expect him to be best jungler? Matanas: we havent mid ---------- we had no mid turrets and ahri or cass said all mid. so no point to fight on mid with no turrets. Matanas: and u dont say word to ahri ----------- ahri was flaming and INTing and cass still flamed yi for his bad score , hes new and needs to learn stuff Matanas: telling truth is flaming? Matanas: getting ganked again and again Matanas: by mid Matanas: and ahri not even pinging Matanas: and he said he does not want to come help us Matanas: this is agains summoner codex Matanas: to asist enemy ----------- we were discussing why we lost so hard, nothing toxic from me Matanas: we have 3 x reported ahri for flaming and trolling ---------- me and 2 enemies in all chat said they will reprot her cuz she flamed me in all chat for being troll and noob Matanas: we are premade bruh ---------- cass asked me why im not flaming yi for his bad score and bad decisions Matanas: u can Matanas: but u ll get ban for being this toxic --------- they started using "report noob" on me and yi and tresh so i used sarcastic phrase"u can" and u can is not toxic ... Matanas: no matter if u mute me Matanas: just wait few hours, mayb e days ------------- as i said before, some INTer got banned, i got that message so i responded to her. Matanas: yes toxic Matanas: nah dude Matanas: there is difference between telling truth and flaming ---------- cass asked me why i think shes toxic on yi, when shes talking truth about his bad score Matanas: yea, this is ahri --------- ahri said BG and i didnt used "," but it was meant to be " yea,this is, ahri Matanas: when someone die on red Matanas: and u blame him Matanas: thats flaming Matanas: if yi would die on red Matanas: and u say yi ur bad and blah blah blah thats flaming Matanas: see --------- explaining what is flaming to cass Matanas: im moron? why u flame me toxic ahri ----------THIS is why i got perma banned, ahri called me moron because i was sarcastic and didnt flame her back, so she was getting angry. i was just repeating that she called me moron , and i was poiting on myself. but system saw word MORON and punished me Matanas: bg ---------- would u enjoy game with flamer? me neither. GG is win or lose but with teammates who dont blame others so nothing bad said here i saw here on reddit that i should try english support. so i tried. after 10 days i got message that they found my other chat logs negative: Game 1 [4:20] Matanas (Jax): top no flash no ignite [4:53] Matanas (Jax): sejju come [5:21] Matanas (Jax): seju ??? [7:44] Matanas (Jax): bot cmon [10:22] Matanas (Jax): rengar 2 times on top [10:31] Matanas (Jax): ss mid [12:33] Matanas (Jax): seju? [12:42] Matanas (Jax): why u havent farm dude [17:07] Matanas (Jax): seju? [17:09] Matanas (Jax): 1/5? [18:10] Matanas (Jax): vayne rly [18:14] Matanas (Jax): jesus again [18:18] Matanas (Jax): what is my team doing? [18:41] Matanas (Jax): enemy has ap janna [21:17] Matanas (Jax): seju [21:20] Matanas (Jax): what are u doing? [21:29] Matanas (Jax): u ult no one [21:34] Matanas (Jax): and when u ult [21:36] Matanas (Jax): no one is near [22:52] Matanas (Jax): start baron [23:32] Matanas (Jax): np [23:59] Matanas (Jax): they have janna top [24:02] Matanas (Jax): and cant lose? [25:05] Matanas (Jax): no red trinket? [26:48] Matanas (Jax): tuuret 1 k dmg [27:13] Matanas (Jax): i hav tp [30:40] Matanas (Jax): why [30:43] Matanas (Jax): vayne blitz? [30:52] Matanas (Jax): why u went there again? [31:38] Matanas (Jax): again [31:44] Matanas (Jax): whata re we doing? [32:03] Matanas (Jax): vayne [32:07] Matanas (Jax): any reason why u are on top? [32:13] Matanas (Jax): go back omg [32:16] Matanas (Jax): whata re u doing vayne [32:22] Matanas (Jax): this vayne [32:23] Matanas (Jax): omg vayne was playing outta her mind. so my last phrases this vayne omg was when she did 1v3 or some outpaly. seju was behind and when i told her what to do we got back to game. u never struggled and asked your team what are they doing and then everything clicked and u won? yes, i honored them after game, cuz they realized that team is more than ego. so i dont know how they think i was negative or toxic. then i got this game: Game 2 [0:34] [All] Matanas (Tahm Kench): try wasd to move around, this new patch is awesome [7:16] Matanas (Tahm Kench): sion no f [9:46] Matanas (Tahm Kench): nice azir [9:56] Matanas (Tahm Kench): maybe next time u can come faster [10:23] Matanas (Tahm Kench): guys can ugank me? [10:27] Matanas (Tahm Kench): 3 man gank top [14:55] Matanas (Tahm Kench): jax [14:56] Matanas (Tahm Kench): comne [15:01] Matanas (Tahm Kench): whata re u doiáng wtf [16:54] Matanas (Tahm Kench): jax [17:19] Matanas (Tahm Kench): azir [17:21] Matanas (Tahm Kench): come bot ffs [17:26] Matanas (Tahm Kench): 5v4 [17:28] Matanas (Tahm Kench): azir [18:17] Matanas (Tahm Kench): azir [18:30] Matanas (Tahm Kench): grats azir [18:43] Matanas (Tahm Kench): if u would come bot we could kill them all nadn get turretz [18:48] Matanas (Tahm Kench): cuz u cant play notmal [18:54] Matanas (Tahm Kench): yes u pushed kill for tf [18:55] Matanas (Tahm Kench): nice [19:13] Matanas (Tahm Kench): report dont worry [19:31] Matanas (Tahm Kench): this azir [23:01] Matanas (Tahm Kench): report azir [23:07] Matanas (Tahm Kench): no sry [23:19] Matanas (Tahm Kench): yes [23:24] Matanas (Tahm Kench): azir is better i know [23:27] Matanas (Tahm Kench): he can fighjt 1v5 [24:56] Matanas (Tahm Kench): gj azir [33:20] [All] Matanas (Tahm Kench): gg wp another one: azir was so good so we were joking about reports cuz hes too good. never got some crazy dude who knows how u mean those jokes? he was supper funny and i honored him. it wasnt toxic if ur joking with someone no? i think another game without context.... lets take another look on game 3: Game 3 [2:22] Matanas (Kog'Maw): thx tresh [2:39] Matanas (Kog'Maw): tell me why u start with w bro [2:43] Matanas (Kog'Maw): and dont come to lane with me [3:54] Matanas (Kog'Maw): ? [4:22] Matanas (Kog'Maw): tell me now, what do u want to do with your items [4:29] Matanas (Kog'Maw): why u dont go normal treesh [7:35] [All] Matanas (Kog'Maw): na [11:26] Matanas (Kog'Maw): tresh nice afk bro [17:12] Matanas (Kog'Maw): gp nice :D [17:23] Matanas (Kog'Maw): yes thanks [18:11] Matanas (Kog'Maw): ty [18:15] Matanas (Kog'Maw): get more cs tresh [18:45] [All] Matanas (Kog'Maw): nice palys tresh [20:58] Matanas (Kog'Maw): baron [27:35] Matanas (Kog'Maw): lukas ty si inak sprosty [27:39] Matanas (Kog'Maw): naco ti je ap? [27:42] Matanas (Kog'Maw): mas ist full tank [27:47] Matanas (Kog'Maw): ale zas nie ty si iny level [27:56] Matanas (Kog'Maw): ja som zabudol [28:07] Matanas (Kog'Maw): neboj sa, on ma silver 5 build both teams had thresh. this is important. so basically our tresh was building some weird build so i asked what hes gonna do with that. he started to take my cs , so i told him take more cs. is thsis bad? i did not called him bad or something. then i was talking to my IRL brother , but he muted me on teamspeak ( ya we love each other so much!) so i wrote in slovakian language that he needs to go tank not ap. then enemy tresh did some crazy hook and i wrote in all chat: nice plays tresh .is this toxic? last game they sent me: Game 4 1:31] Matanas (Ryze): you is right [4:07] Matanas (Ryze): vlad no summs [7:57] Matanas (Ryze): i lfash [8:19] Matanas (Ryze): 6/0 quin [9:12] Matanas (Ryze): im mid [11:50] Matanas (Ryze): elise no flash vlad no ignite [12:33] Matanas (Ryze): jayce go bot omg [12:53] Matanas (Ryze): no [12:57] Matanas (Ryze): ur losing 2 lanes [16:26] Matanas (Ryze): ok, guys u know who we need to report [16:45] Matanas (Ryze): who said i report u now we can see jayce adc with ignite and supp soraka. jayce had poor farm, bad score adn for every his death blamed soraka. then enemy killed someone and started spamming EZ in all chat. so i wrote u know who we report. then jayce started to scream why. i did not said report jayce. why would i rep him in blind pick?????? thats all i got as proof why i deserve perma ban. and then riot supp said they wont discuss this with me anymore. so i ask where is fairness? i explained everything and they wont discuss my perma ban? what is this. if u know some way to help me i would be really gratefull
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