2 week ban for one game?

Captured with Lightshot
So I was playing the other day some fun league of legends Yaay so fun right? Anyways i was playing some AD orianna mid (which I do usually with lethal tempo seems to work pretty often for me) and I was playing with 3 other friends (4 premade) so there was one person who wasn't in this premade. He decided to play viktor in the bot lane so we didn't even acknowledge him honestly but whatevs anyhow we were losing and he started being annoying saying things like I'll report him and you and etc. now that was pretty annoying and I play this game for ''Fun'' but I got really angry for a second and I typed 6 letters in an internet game which offended him and he of course reported me where i didn't truly care about but seeing now how that 1 report for 6 letters got me banned for 2 weeks I really start questioning myself... Like is it my fault? Or is it the systems. Like I get that I shouldn't have said that but that's not even a swear or anything it's purely nonsence but whatevs apparently I'm banned now for hurting some random persons feelings over the internet.

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