Please upgrade your wodden pc you who take loading forever

I get annoyed when in game i have player who take 20 minutes to load.I don't get it why you play LOL when you don't have at least core 2 duo pc with ddr2 or ddr3 pci-e 16x graphic card and when you load into game with good internet you have under 50 fps which make you unable to do combo,dodge skillshots and you feed because of just having prehistoric wooden pc.You don't need to spend so much money for buying new pc just find some friend who have old pc or someone who sells old used pc components and you can for 90-120€ make decent rig for playing LOL on which you'll have good fps even for making good plays with katarina,ekko,zed etc...But i don't wanna be friend with people who use pentium 4 and phone which is older than samsung galaxy s2 anyway because i think those people are not following fashion just a same as someone who listen old music.
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