Team voice chat would make this game so much better

In this game, lots of people throw games because they don't communicate and flame their teammates because everyone runs around not doing things in a coordinated manner and thus just %%%%ing things up. With 9 years of this game existing, I'm shocked that Riot has never considered of implementing team voice chat to help deal with these issues and just to give the player better experience. If you play any other competitive game with voice chat, you'll notice the astounding difference it makes. People are less likely to flame because they hear your voice and know that they're playing with people, not faceless monkeys, and more important, just a word or two allow for such important teamplay. In League you can't afford to type just before a teamfight or in the middle of a heated situation, and pings aren't always specific enough. This is especially painful in botlane imo, not only are ADC's in their current meme state, but considering these two roles require working with one another, it's just impossible to play either supp or ADC in solo queue to its full potential. You're supposed to lane with some other person for the first third of the game, and how can you hope to achieve full potential with that if you aren't talking to each other? If I'm playing {{champion:497}} alongside {{champion:81}}, I can tell him "use E then I engage" or "let me dash to you", things that can't be expressed with other than quick orders. Well, feel free to tell me why team voice chat would be terrible or why you agree. Doesn't really matter since Riot prob won't implement this.

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