Chat Resticted and Honor dropped for 1 game? Bunch of Snowflakes at Riot?

Game 1 Pre-Game Kithràya: who the fcuk keeps bannign zyra In-Game Kithràya: thx for cover nunu Kithràya: yeah thats just what he did to me Kithràya: no Kithràya: we lost that Kithràya: cause of riven Kithràya: muted reported blocked Kithràya: not my fault you're brain afk Kithràya: they are 4 mid Kithràya: pressure the map maybe Kithràya: report me for what Kithràya: you missing charm again? Kithràya: hit your abilities and that doesnt happen Kithràya: sure Kithràya: I won't engage ever now Kithràya: good luck Kithràya: they flame me Kithràya: guess I'll keep ulting you Kithràya: better mid wins :) Kithràya: and french too Kithràya: I get it now Kithràya: idiot Kithràya: they have no adc Kithràya: and you are running Kithràya: Ff Kithràya: they run vs no adc xD Kithràya: I didn't have baron buff Kithràya: when I backed Post-Game Kithràya: difference between me and thresh Kithràya: your team follows up There is no Game 2 or Game 3. It's just this. I've played hundreds of games since November and have been fairly decent in the chat but still I am Honor level 0 even after being patient for the season reset. I learned that no your Honor doesn't reset at the end of season if you're level 0 so yay just deal with it I guess? And then 1 game if you say literally anything mildly offensive it's chat restrict? Literally you can go to jail for a misdemeanor for 6 months, serve your sentence, get out, and STILL be honor level 0 even if you play every day. BS system. I was totally not being flamed as well for 'inting' and 'being trash', 'x9' etc but sure. Keep it up Riot. Guess it's fullmute all and hope I can grind 2000 games with not saying a word and not getting honored either because people don't honor supports anyway. Do you know how much time 300 games is? If that's not f*cking consistent I don't know what is
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